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Looking for a great fundraising opportunity?
Emphasis Sports Marketing specializes in Promo Event Merchandising.
Ringette, Synchronized Swimming, Girls' Basketball, or even Rugby.
If you're hosting a tournament of 30+ teams, or 60+ team or more, we want to hear from you?

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Have the Emphasis Sports Marketing Team enhance the quality your event!

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Emphasis Sports Marketing has custom print designs, clothing, pins, buttons, whatever you need to make particpants remember your event
This is a great opportunity to raise money, and make your event unforgettable for your attendees!

Shoppers at a Ringette Tournament in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Let Emphasis Sports Marketing provide you with memorable merchandise and apparel on consignment!

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Contracts are available here for you to read.  These contracts can be completed by either printing them, filling them in by hand and FAXing to us, or by filling in on your computer, saving the completed form with the appropriate, free software, and returning by email. 

1.  On Site Event Contract
2.  Consignment Agreement for a Ringette Event
3.  Consignment Agreement for any other sport, (Soccer, Syncro, Hockey, Rugby, etc.)